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Dangerous internet

Posted by Barbora Šochmanová on 24. 11. 2010 11:34  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

Today, most of the children have got  the internet.
On the internet there are many websites, where even kids can talk to unknown people.
Sometimes  they say lies about their age, their intentions and so it can be threatening and dangerous to meet them... Sometimes we are even able to tell them our own history, give them phone numbers and so on. When we meet them in real life, it is a big surprise to find that he is older than he really said. This is the really dark side of the internet. 

CyberBullying in your life

Posted by Andrea Kopalová on 24. 11. 2010 11:08  •   •  Comments (0)  • 




I think CyberBullying is a very huge problem and therefore I think that it should have been dealt with seriously. Some people think that this isn't worth talking about, but -what if it happens to you? What will you do? It's complicated, because I don't know, how people feel at this moment. These people need help, they need support from their friends....When somebody finds that his friend has a problem or gets a threatening or cruel email, adults should be informed. I am very happy that this blog about CyberBullying was made and many people can learn about this problem  and maybe they will change their view on this very serious problem. This is my opinion on this matter and I hope that many people have the same view as me.


Posted by Andrea Kopalová on 24. 11. 2010 11:06  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

CyberBullying is a very difficult topic. I have never come across this problem personally, fortunately. But I know some people, who have encountered this problem.
CyberBullying can have many forms, for example......

  • Sending threatening and cruel emails and SMS messages, threatening phone calls and harassment via instant messaging
  • Creation of web pages in different ways (verbally, graphically, audio ...), offends the victim of bullying and ridicule.
  • Send images, photos and video recordings classmates online - where the victim is ridiculed.
  • Posting pornographic pictures of faces of victims on the Internet.
  • Cases where the bullies get a password and identification by the victim and his / her name forwarded to the other vulgar, harassing messages, photos, videos.
  •  Photography, recording the victim when shots are taken are sent to other classmates.

How can we defend against Cyberbullying? Everyone can.......

  •  Not to respond - belie an aggressor, as a constructive debate is not just possible.
  • Save, print, respectively. otherwise preserve e-mails, SMS, etc. as evidence.
  • Change their virtual identities - to appear under a different alias, create a different email, change the SIM card ...
  • Not to post anywhere your real identity - name, age, address, phone number ... no information about themselves and loved ones, according to which we can be to the aggressor identified. Acting under the general noncommittal nickname.
  • If they become victims of cyberbullying, try to find out who is the aggressor (see his personal data, etc.)
  • Contact the server from which the aggressor bullying us and prevent him access.
  • Inform the parents.
  • Inform the teachers.

Links to various safer internet projects

Posted by Milan Hausner on 11. 09. 2010 17:58  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

Enclosed you will find links to the interactive resources to the safer internet.

Online guard

Net smart kids


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