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Great memories around the trip for singing the charter

Posted by Catalina Vlad on 04. 01. 2011 21:49  •   •  Comments (1)  • 

Hello! Here we go again talking about the most important, funny and educational trip ever- Prague meeting for cyber bullying- conflict of modern school. First of all when I hear that we are going to leave the country for that project I was like wow ‘’are you serious?’’ We – the children of 129 Elena Farago school – had the huge honor to know the lupackova team. In just 3 days we made new friends and we share the funniest moments but It was‘t enough. We came here for signing the charter and to give the role-up to Czech pupils to sign it too.
I was totally shocked when I saw the view of the city especially the castle and the building where we signed- a huge building who gives you a great feeling that at a little age as mine has the huge honor to take part and to speak in front of the important people abroad the country. I felt like home after we’ve done the signing process and I was totally shocked when I heard that we are going to be showed on the TV in Prague and I was so excited when I had to take an interview. I mean I did in Romania but now in Prague it was like a dream come true.  I can’t forget the memories from the zoo…. so much fun so great animals. People if you want a great holiday go to Prague!
Thank you to everybody that helps us to arrive in Prague thank you to my teacher who support me and trust in me, thank you to school lupackova who invite and choose us for the project and in the end I want to thank to aces that gives everybody a change to show our thoughts.

my holidays

Posted by Barbora Šochmanová on 24. 11. 2010 11:40  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

On my first two weeks of my holidays I was in Croatia with my family and friends. The first week I was only with my family on the yacht. It was very good and funny. After that we went to our friends to Rogoznica and we spent the second week there.

When we returned back, me and my brother  were with my grandparents in a small village near Prague.

After that I went to my friend Týna.  Here i learned to play golf....it was funny at first =) but  now I can do it myself  =)

The next day when I returned, I went to clerskship with my chorus. These were the very best ten days of my holidays!! People were very nice and friendly.....I like them =) We played many games and had lot of fun. But most of all we practiced singing.

When I came back to Prague I went back to my grandparents. After a few days Týna came to visit me.  We played golf and volleyball, watched a lot of films, went swimming in a pool and rode on bikes.

             It was my holidays...=)

My summer holidays

Posted by Natálie Wolfová on 24. 11. 2010 11:29  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

Hello, my name is Natalie Wolfová. I am 13 years old. This article is about the things that I have done on the summer holidays. 


At first, I was at my summer house where my friend, Lucka, lives. She has many horses and I always ride there. She has a lot of different pets too. She lives in a big house and her family is very nice.

After that, I went with one of my best friends from school to a (so called) camp. We went there for a week, were we had a really great time. This year it was the fifth time I went there. Many people went to this camp so it was like a community. We all played games, but that was not the only thing we did, we also went swimming in a big lake and did many other things… It was really fun, I liked it, I hope next year it will be as good as it was this year.  

We then went to Portugal for two weeks with one of my school mates. The sea was surprisingly warm (because we were in the Atlantic ocean), but unfortunately we didn't find any nice, big shells. It was a pity, because last year we found large shells and they were really pretty. I really enjoyed it, and I hope my friend liked it too. 

After our arrival back in Prague for a few days, I went to my summerhouse with my dad and his girlfriend and her son. He´s REALLY crazy. I (of course) enjoyed that too.

Then I went back to Prague for the rest of holidays, I was hanging out with my friends. But then something really bad happened…SCHOOL-STARTED! 

I think I had a really great summer, I hope it will be the same good next year when I am supposed to go to Sweden to visit my friend Sophia. Well goodbye for now.  See you. Natalia =)


My holidays

Posted by Karolína Spejchalová on 24. 11. 2010 11:22  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

In July I was in Vienna, Budapest and Croatia with my dad. It was my first visit in Budapest and I love this city. Budapest is an old city but most of its monuments are from the 18th century, like parliament, castle (Budavari palota), etc... In this city there is the oldest metro in Europe, as well. But unfortunately, we weren't on it. It's a beautiful city and I hope, it won't be my last visit to Budapest.


My holidays

Posted by Karel Kolář on 24. 11. 2010 11:01  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

My holidays were really great! I was with my family and my friends in Croatia, then with my grandparents in Hungary. It was all  fun and great. :) Sometimes I was in Prague, I played a lot of sports and I did nothing else :

 But I must say, that the best part of my holidays was summer camp in Zálesí (It´s near to Jihlava). It was the intercontinental camp. Ther were some children from Czech, some from Germany, and a few from Russia. We studied English, did some funny excercises, etc. It was only my second camp in my life, but it was really better then the first camp. And how were your holidays? 

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