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Proposal for online meeting

Posted by Milan Hausner on 08. 04. 2010 09:11  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

The following is a proposal for the linkup via internet by both ZS Lupacova in the Czech Republic and Elena Farago in Romania: The aim is to seek an interactive connection between both schools via MSN Live Messenger to be started on 27/28 April. This would best be done by a simultaneous connection on this date between the students of Lupacova in the Czech Republic and by students from Elena Farago in Romania. The exact time of the presentations will be determined at a later date. The best way to achieve this would be to have a total of 9 students taking part. 3 groups consisting of 3 students in each group. Ages should be 13-14 year olds who have a decent knowledge of the English language. The presentations would be done in English and each presentation will follow immediately the one before it so that they will run consecutively. The subject matter of each presentation will be on three seperate subjects: 1. History of the capital (Prague/Bucharest) 2. School and general daily living 3. Youngsters in the Czech Republic and Romania. This connection will make use of both video and sound as well as using a projection screen for the presentations. This will be the first step in hopefully what will be a long, exciting and interesting cooperation together between the two schools. This cooperation should continue throughout the year and into next year culminating in some form of final reward for the students involved as well as for the schools in general. The knowledge and the interest gained should hopefully set a good standard among students for many years to come. Program: 27/28 th April - 11.00 3 groups of 3 students 13-14 year old students Power point presentations on: 1. History of the capital (Prague/Bucharest) 2. School and general daily living 3. Youngsters in the Czech Rep and Romania

Hello everybody

Posted by Milan Hausner on 30. 03. 2010 12:57  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

Allow me to welcome you all in blog dealing with a recent problem - cyberbullying. Every day we are facing this problem. Kids use their cell phones in schools, they recorded us, they recorded each other and publication to the web is so simple. It is so easy to dehonest own friend or foe, it doesnt matter. 
I am sincerely convinced that only prevention can help to overcome the frustration feelings from being unwanted published just for fun of the others.
Dear students, lets create a better world in our small social group. We are not able to change all, but our social community can be more healthy. If we are able to overcome our frustration, then it will be more easy to live even in the world of unwanted information flow.

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