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Prague-Bucharest live video link-up

Posted by Milan Hausner on 28. 05. 2010 15:31  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

The students of Lupacova in Prague and Elena Farago in Bucharest linked up for a live video conference that enabled the two groups of students to meet via the internet for the first time.

25 May 2010 had the two groups of students link up for the first time via the internet. They used skype and held a meeting together that enabled both groups of students to speak to each other. As it was the first such meeting, they concentrated on introductions and talking about the cities of Prague and Bucharest. The Lupacova students introduced themselves and spoke about the success that the Czech Republic had in the hockey world championships and the Elena Farago students spoke about the city of Bucharest and some of the interesting sites to visit in their beautiful city. The link-up was a success and we are planning more link-ups in the future between the two groups of students.

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