Școala cu cls. I-VIII Nr.  129„Elena Farago”

Str. Izvorul Crișului nr.6                                                                        

                       Sector   4,  București   753851

                       Telefon    /   fax:  021450. 37. 75



.        My name is Valerica Nita and I am a principal of 129 Elena Farago school ,Bucharest. ,Romania .We have kindergarden,primary and gymnasium classes and we would like to share what we have and what we know  in order to prevent students from being a victim .We intend to do this through dialogue and cooperation with teachers and students from Junior Language School, Prague,Czech Republic.

          Bullying is not just a problem at school-it can happen anywhere.You can be bullied at home,at school or even at work .Bullying can happen at anytime,so it is very important that we learn how to react to it now .Today's modern digital tools are used starting at early ages and it puts  us all in front of a huge dilemma: how,when and what  to do  to prevent the user of these new  means of communication from being bullied? This is the reason why our schools will work together and try to find an answer  to this problem and once it is  found we'll  "spread this amazing and useful  news ".

        Nobody deserves to be bullied .Never think that it's your fault.You are a great person,so put a stop to the bullying now !




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