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CyberBullying is a very difficult topic. I have never come across this problem personally, fortunately. But I know some people, who have encountered this problem.
CyberBullying can have many forms, for example......

  • Sending threatening and cruel emails and SMS messages, threatening phone calls and harassment via instant messaging
  • Creation of web pages in different ways (verbally, graphically, audio ...), offends the victim of bullying and ridicule.
  • Send images, photos and video recordings classmates online - where the victim is ridiculed.
  • Posting pornographic pictures of faces of victims on the Internet.
  • Cases where the bullies get a password and identification by the victim and his / her name forwarded to the other vulgar, harassing messages, photos, videos.
  •  Photography, recording the victim when shots are taken are sent to other classmates.

How can we defend against Cyberbullying? Everyone can.......

  •  Not to respond - belie an aggressor, as a constructive debate is not just possible.
  • Save, print, respectively. otherwise preserve e-mails, SMS, etc. as evidence.
  • Change their virtual identities - to appear under a different alias, create a different email, change the SIM card ...
  • Not to post anywhere your real identity - name, age, address, phone number ... no information about themselves and loved ones, according to which we can be to the aggressor identified. Acting under the general noncommittal nickname.
  • If they become victims of cyberbullying, try to find out who is the aggressor (see his personal data, etc.)
  • Contact the server from which the aggressor bullying us and prevent him access.
  • Inform the parents.
  • Inform the teachers.


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