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Hi,my name is Barbora,but my friends call me Bára... I´m 13 years old. I´m attending elementary school Lupá?ova. :D

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my holidays

Posted by Barbora Šochmanová on 24. 11. 2010 11:40  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

On my first two weeks of my holidays I was in Croatia with my family and friends. The first week I was only with my family on the yacht. It was very good and funny. After that we went to our friends to Rogoznica and we spent the second week there.

When we returned back, me and my brother  were with my grandparents in a small village near Prague.

After that I went to my friend Týna.  Here i learned to play was funny at first =) but  now I can do it myself  =)

The next day when I returned, I went to clerskship with my chorus. These were the very best ten days of my holidays!! People were very nice and friendly.....I like them =) We played many games and had lot of fun. But most of all we practiced singing.

When I came back to Prague I went back to my grandparents. After a few days Týna came to visit me.  We played golf and volleyball, watched a lot of films, went swimming in a pool and rode on bikes.

             It was my holidays...=)


Posted by Barbora Šochmanová on 24. 11. 2010 11:39  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

Cyberbullying  is a type of bullying, which uses electronic devices such as mobile phones, e-mail, pagers, Internet blogs and the like. Many of its manifestations may fall into the crime of cyberbullying. Its most common symptoms are sending harassing, offensive or aggressive emails and SMS messages, creating websites and blogs and being not honest with others, cyberbullying is a modern way to do the more traditional form of normal bullying, such as recording a scene on mobile phone and then distributing it over the Internet. The last variant of bullying can be extremely dangerous - especially if they combine it with a very humiliating situation. It can have a degrading effect on a huge number of people. It greatly increases the suffering and trauma for the victims, which can be extremely harmful to them.

Dangerous internet

Posted by Barbora Šochmanová on 24. 11. 2010 11:34  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

Today, most of the children have got  the internet.
On the internet there are many websites, where even kids can talk to unknown people.
Sometimes  they say lies about their age, their intentions and so it can be threatening and dangerous to meet them... Sometimes we are even able to tell them our own history, give them phone numbers and so on. When we meet them in real life, it is a big surprise to find that he is older than he really said. This is the really dark side of the internet. 

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