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HELLO ! I'm caty and i'm 13 years old. I learn in a beautiful school named 129 elena farago. I love dancing, singing, and playing guitar and piano. I'm so excited about this amaizing project that we are going to do. thank you Aces and school Lupacovka. PEACE TO EVERYBODY

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Think twice

Posted by Catalina Vlad on 24. 01. 2011 21:05  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

Once upon a time it was a boy named Joel. He was just in the 4th grade when he decided to create a Facebook account without thinking that he wouldn't need one. He didn't know that it could mean to have such thing and he had put all his personal information including his phone number. This action coasted him a lot, because after a while his phone rang and the person who called him said that ''I know who you are and I'm going to find you to have a talk about what you have done. Fortunately the person who called Joel was his dad, just to show him what a huge mistake had done, writing all his information on the internet. Save God that nothing bad happened. How many cyber-bullyings are happening in this world i'm not surprised. Nowadays Joel is 14 and he understands how many problems can causes just a simple click on the internet and now, he knows how to avoid this problem :)

Great memories around the trip for singing the charter

Posted by Catalina Vlad on 04. 01. 2011 21:49  •   •  Comments (1)  • 

Hello! Here we go again talking about the most important, funny and educational trip ever- Prague meeting for cyber bullying- conflict of modern school. First of all when I hear that we are going to leave the country for that project I was like wow ‘’are you serious?’’ We – the children of 129 Elena Farago school – had the huge honor to know the lupackova team. In just 3 days we made new friends and we share the funniest moments but It was‘t enough. We came here for signing the charter and to give the role-up to Czech pupils to sign it too.
I was totally shocked when I saw the view of the city especially the castle and the building where we signed- a huge building who gives you a great feeling that at a little age as mine has the huge honor to take part and to speak in front of the important people abroad the country. I felt like home after we’ve done the signing process and I was totally shocked when I heard that we are going to be showed on the TV in Prague and I was so excited when I had to take an interview. I mean I did in Romania but now in Prague it was like a dream come true.  I can’t forget the memories from the zoo…. so much fun so great animals. People if you want a great holiday go to Prague!
Thank you to everybody that helps us to arrive in Prague thank you to my teacher who support me and trust in me, thank you to school lupackova who invite and choose us for the project and in the end I want to thank to aces that gives everybody a change to show our thoughts.

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