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Hi, my name is Josef and I am 15 years old. My favourite school subject is History.I read like detective book. I too go swimming every wednesday.Before I went to a taekwondo (a type of karate), but I ended when I broke my leg on a bicycle. And because it I was often home on the computer or TV and I started to be very lazy. I am too big fan of Stargate Atlantis and Red Dwarf. I was a long time on the Internet it is the perfect thing but often it can go wrong. For example cyberbullying.

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Cyberbullying now appears quite often. But it must not be only on the internet but also on other electronic things like cell phones, ipods or on many other gadgets. Cyberbullying goes hand in hand with normal bullying. The prevention is quite difficult  but the main thing is to inform the adults such as parents or teachers. I personally have never encountered this. I hope that this page will help us to understand what to do and how to oppose this problem. 



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