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Hi! I'm Vlad. I am a sociable person. i play baketball and i like experiments. I can play the guitar, i listen to rock and urban music. I have a lot of friends and i can hardly wait to meet you.

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Why do kids cyberbully each other?

Posted by Vlad Radulescu on 09. 01. 2011 15:27  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

 Who knows why kids do cyberbullying? I think they cyberbully people because they are often motivated  by anger, revenge or frustation.

 Sometimes they do it just for fun or because they're bored and have too much time on their hands and too many tech toys available for them. Some do it by accident, and either send a message to the wrong recipient or didn't think before they did something.  Because their different motives, the solutions and responses to each type of cyberbulying incident has ti differ too. Unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all" when cyberbullying is concerned.  


Rules to be followed for safely using the internet

Posted by Vlad Radulescu on 11. 11. 2010 19:12  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

These principles were  proposed by Romanian children from Elena Farago school during their meeting. The drawings were made by our colleague Raluca Manaila which is veri skilled in art.

http://www.scoala129ef.ro/Grafice/Turkish.htm  -Here is the Turkish version

http://www.scoala129ef.ro/Grafice/French.htm    -Here is the French version

http://www.scoala129ef.ro/Grafice/Hungarian.htm  -Here is the Hungarian version

http://www.scoala129ef.ro/Grafice/English.htm    -Here is the English version


Cyberbullying definition

Posted by Vlad Radulescu on 10. 11. 2010 09:40  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

We consider that this definition can be completed with others elements too. For the moment we started  with this one. We believe that it's a good and it contains the ideas of the Romanian students from our school.


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